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Assunto: Make Sure Doctors Are There When You Need Them
Help Protect Your Access
to Quality Healthcare

Sign the Patient Petition today
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In too many states across the country, patients can't get the care they need when they need it. Good doctors are being forced to cut back on vital services, retire early, or leave the practice of medicine altogether.

The reason? Personal injury lawyers have turned our laws into a lottery system — one designed to enrich lawyers, not patients.

Protect Patients Now is a nationwide campaign dedicated to preserving patients' access to quality health care through reform of our nation’s broken medical liability system. Please take a moment to sign our petition in support of comprehensive medical liability reform.

Medical liability reform legislation — which has been proven to be effective in states like Texas and California — has been proposed in the U.S. Congress. This vitally-needed legislation has been passed by the House of Representatives ten times since 1995 only to be blocked in the Senate through the efforts of personal injury lawyers and a handful of their allies who won't even allow a fair up-or-down vote to take place.

This is why we must call on patients, physicians, and concerned citizens nationwide to join together and demand that our lawmakers protect each and every patient's access to health care. Please sign our petition, pledging your support of meaningful reform. Protect Patients Now will deliver the petitions to lawmakers in the Congress to make sure your voice is heard.

Add your name to our growing list of supporters by signing the petition. And be sure to share this important message with your friends, family, and colleagues. With your help, we can stop medical lawsuit abuse once and for all.

Thank you.


Doctors for Medical Liability Reform
317 Massachusetts Ave., N.E.
Suite 100
Washington, DC 20002
Phone: 1-887-9REFORM




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