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  Data: Fri, 11 May 2007 12:24:30 -0400
De: "Coimbra, Luiz"
Assunto: Assembléia Geral da OEA - Cobertura de Meios de Comunicação

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Estão abertas as inscrições para o registro dos meios de comunicação para cobertura da Assembléia Geral da OEA no Panamá (3-5 de junho). O tema central da Assembléia Geral será "Energia para o desenvolvimento" o que, sem dúvida, vai gerar um debate interessante sobre o interesse dos países no uso de fontes alternativas de energia - como o etanol. Ao mesmo tempo, além dos Ministros de Relações Exteriores dos países membros da OEA, estarão no Panamá os Ministros de Saúde e Ministros de Educação, participando de reuniões paralelas. A situação dos direitos humanos nas Américas e o trabalho da OEA na defesa da democracia também serão avaliados durante a Assembléia Geral. Website da Assembléia Geral, em português:

Luiz O. Coimbra
Supervisor de Actividades de Prensa y Comunicaciones para la AG/OEA
Departamento de Prensa y Comunicaciones
Organización de los Estados Americanos
Tel: 202 458 3508
Fax: 202 458 6421
April 25, 2007

The accreditation process is now open for media representatives who wish to attend and cover the upcoming 37th regular session of the Organization of American States (OAS) General Assembly, to be held in Panama City, Panama.

At the annual meeting—which convenes from June 3 to 5—the foreign ministers of 34 countries of the Americas will consider and make decisions on a wide-ranging agenda, focusing particularly on “Energy for Sustainable Development.” Panama proposed the central theme in January, noting that the countries of the region must increase their cooperation to address a growing number of energy-related challenges.

During a visit to OAS headquarters in March, Panama’s Vice President and Minister of Foreign Affairs, Samuel Lewis Navarro—who will chair the General Assembly—asked the member states to work together to develop firm commitments and concrete initiatives in this area. He told the OAS Permanent Council that the countries of the region “share the common denominator of seeking an equation that allows for a balance between energy policies that provide incentives to investment and the development of special projects for our countries that satisfy user demand and promote a more efficient use of energy.”

The General Assembly is the highest political body within the OAS, and the decisions it makes will help guide the regional organization’s activities and priorities for the coming year in such areas as promoting democratic governance, strengthening human rights, fostering hemispheric security and addressing shared security concerns. A complete agenda and draft documents can be viewed on the OAS General Assembly Web site (

Media credential forms are available online ( Members of the press are asked to fill out and submit the form no later than May 18. A complete Media Operating Manual has been posted in Spanish and will soon be available in English.


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