Theresa Catharina de Góes Campos

Theresa Catharina de Góes Campos

A mature, intelligent concept of survival advocates Development for all Nations.
Men of vision are never selfish. They are dreamers and accomplishers but they always include others in their plans. Noah´s Ark was not built as a shelter for him alone. In the same way, the human race will survive only if we endeavour by universal co-operation to build together a world in harmony with nature.

Each country has something to offer. In some poor nations, for instance, there is an instinctive respect for the environment, a traditional value which is faithfully transmitted to the young ones, generation after generation. Development projects give less developed communities the opportunity to get acquainted with - and benefit from - advanced techniques. Many who took part in such programs have said that an exchange of contributions did occur which was beneficial to both donor and aid recipient.

Giving and taking balances every human relationship. It means compromising, co-operating, it creates material and moral growth. Unfairness and exploitation may ruin all kinds of relationships between countries or people, whereas practicing mutual respect and encouragement creates a lasting friendship. Solidarity establishes a basis for survival because it increases the chances for co-operation.

We all want to survive and most of us have suggestions as to how to improve society. Unfortunately, too many think that only a few powerful persons can effectively influence human destiny. Let us abandon such a negative premise. Every person´s contribution does count. Quite often, we are the ones to give the necessary means of authority to individuals or groups.

People from all walks of life may benefit from the progress in the field of mass communications in order to increase their participation in society´s affairs. Centuries ago, leaders fought for substantial changes by using the only channel available: personal communication. Nowadays, despite political and socio-economic constraints, it is worth trying to express our views through the media. After all, we are its readership and audience. Without our support, it won´t survive either.

We realize the need to exercise our body to keep it healthy. In the same way we should exercise our mind in order to be free and creative. To abdicate from the responsibility of thinking and interpreting facts and opinions, by leaving it entirely to others, would constitute an unwise policy. Interaction with mass communications will multiply our individual efforts. No other contemporary resource shows such a potential for maximizing the exchange of information capable of promoting development for all nations.

Theresa Catharina de Góes Campos

(In "Presence")
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
February 15, 1982

Jornalismo com ética e solidariedade.