Theresa Catharina de Góes Campos


TV: Friend or Foe?

Experts keep reminding us that waste is inexcusable in any field and chiefly when we are considering a resource like TV, the need to make it our ally, not our foe, demands an intelligent attitude from the viewers. To exercise an active, qualified choice means to know how to use technology, according to humane values of time, personal and social interaction.

Let everybody know you are looking for work

Tired of answering to dozens of ads and still without a job? I bet you have overlooked some potential help! Let everybody know you are looking for work. Make a list of your relatives, friends and acquaintances (yours and your family’s friends too…). Write a note, give a phone call or tell your friends personally that you are looking for work, always leaving your name, address and telephone number with each person you have contacted. If possible, add some more information about you. Take advantage of other resources like your neighborhood churches, stores and libraries.

From boy’s outfits, lovely clothes for a girl

As soon as my son outgrows his clothes, I adapt them to be worn by his sister, who is younger than him. My quickest method is to add colourful ribbons to Summer caps and raincoats, as well as assorted tops.

A dull brown coat, looks bright and feminine, after adding pieces of a “flower fabric” to the belt, each pocket and collar.

Lots of draft paper!

I don’t mind when I get unsolicited or junk mail. Generally, the publicity messages are only printed on one side of the paper. I use the verso for writing drafts, or typing a reminder note for me, etc. Children also love to draw on the back of these pages, so attractive and with many illustrations.

Bring the toddler along

Our friends and some relatives with young children used to feel they could not afford to come, whenever we invited them for a social, educational or religious meeting at our place. The toddlers won’t disturb the group if, just before the informal meeting begins, we give them something new the mother (or the host/hostess) knows it will keep the little ones busy, like stickers and colouring books, old magazines with many attractive pictures and/or assorted cards plus glue or safe for kids scissors. So, no need to hire anyone to help with the children if you plan well.

French Fries

I have noticed that people generally discard FRENCH FRIES if they are not eaten the same day. The reason given for doing this: the French fries would be too dry and hard for consumption on the following day. Even one week old French fries may be successfully reused if we mix them to hamburgers an meat loaves before cooking them, as well as to: soufflés, vegetable pies and stews. The fries may also be added to any kind of soup, thus ensuring some variety in flavor and texture.

Theresa Catharina de Góes Campos
Ottawa, Ontario - Canada (1981)


Jornalismo com ética e solidariedade.