Theresa Catharina de Góes Campos

  Children’s Guidance

Considering the fact that family life has become very complex in our contemporary society, parents of all ages and backgrounds eagerly look for information which could help them. This article proposes a regular parent update with reference to services, techniques and experiences in successfully raising or dealing with children. This updating should focus on the most common problems, getting suggestions and guidance while talking on the latest research findings.

Family difficulties do affect work performance, physical as well as mental health, leading also to marriage breakdowns, generation gaps, etc. Despite all the progress in the fields of technology, science and mass communications, the rate of suicides show an alarming, steady increase all over the world; and the age is getting lower. Kids not only resort to delinquency, violent crimes, alcoholism and drug addiction – they kill themselves too.

CHILDREN’S GUIDANCE should also emphasize the need for prevention of cruelty in all forms, since it is much easier and less costly in time, money and community resources than correction and rehabilitation.
Those topics concern a broad range of people, including more than natural and adoptive parents. We may add to the list of potential listeners and readers, as well as group members: foster parents and guardians; teachers and educators in general; youth workers and liaison officers, homemakers and counselors; anyone who is connected directly or indirectly to children’s care and development, on a temporary or permanent basis.

Parents, most specially, will welcome the chance to read any article which proposes to help them in their daily task because they realize that being so busy with their careers and/or earning a living often leads them to shortchange their own kids. Very few can afford the time and fees for effective parenting courses. Or they may feel they just would like to know more about the subject, at their own pace, since their offspring seems to be doing well.

CHILDREN’S GUIDANCE may come from different sources, offering this kind of opportunity, including some experts who welcome letters with particular requests and feedback to ensure readers continued interest. They do like to have more than one outlook/opinion… so, there is always room for one more group of people who decided to exchange ideas and experiences on this very serious matter.

Theresa Catharina de Góes Campos
Ottawa - Ontario, Canada ( 1978 )

Jornalismo com ética e solidariedade.