Theresa Catharina de Góes Campos


When communications pose a specific problem – in the family or at work – the solution won’t be so difficult to find, provided we realize the resources are there, for us to use to our best advantage. Here are some examples:

Question: “My husband and I really enjoy watching TV, so much we have noticed our social life now is almost nil. We have been talking about this but we both feel we find at least one program, every evening, we would like to see. Whenever we think about inviting friends over, our plans never materialize because we always come to the conclusion that we would regret missing a good show. At the same time, we know the importance of friends… (or would they also prefer to relax in front of their own TV set?) ”

Your social life need not suffer due to your keen interest in television. Try to arrange small friendly gatherings to watch a particular show, mentioning this when you make the invitation. Do allow time for conversation before and after the program. Don’t forget to plan an alternative, so your evening or afternoon may still be a success, in the event of a last minute change by the tv station or any other circumstance. For people who don’t feel like talking much, after a normal working day, this “come for dessert and TV watching” has just the right ingredients, combining social and individual satisfaction. It is an alternative and an appealing arrangement which will sure please the ones who try it once.

Question: “We have just started a small business. My partner and I feel we are doing quite well, though still not able to hire a full time public relations officer. I had the idea of contacting the local school of journalism in order to hire a student twice a week. My partner agrees but she also suggested we should enroll in a short course on publicity and propaganda. I have no objections to her attending this evening course, since that is what she wants. Regarding myself, I would rather stay home and read about the subject. Or should we just leave the whole thing as the sole responsibility of the person we are hiring part time?”

You are both right. It was clever of you to get someone to look after the public relations aspects of your business. You’ll see this experience will pay dividends in a short time. It won’t be long before your business will show profits which originated directly or indirectly from this special project. Your partner’s idea also deserves praise. A course will enable her to improve her performance as an executive, as well as giving a better understanding of the new position in your enterprise. Aware of the basic principles involved, she will give better directions to the new part-time employee. The same will apply to you, after reading only one of the several books on the market.

Question: “My teenage nephew lives with us. He is very fond of reading newspapers and magazines but I just cannot get him to write thank you notes and/or short letters to relatives and friends. The school reports suggest his need to practice writing English. Any ideas?”

Try to ask him to write as a journalist or a writer would do, for his favorite newspaper or magazine. Impress upon your nephew that family and friends would like to hear from him about his activities, plans and preferences. Encourage your teenage relative to tell others, in writing, about his readings.

Theresa Catharina de Góes Campos
St.Paul´s University - Ottawa - Ontario, Canada (October, 1971)

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