Theresa Catharina de Góes Campos


Here, a few examples...

Individual preferences, public opinion researchers, marketing tests, all have proven, with no doubt, that telephone soliciting is sometimes a very poor way of getting business, since people generally react in a negative way to what they consider an invasion of their privacy by a stranger who phones unexpectedly and who is most certain to disturb….

When the product you sell already originated some public interest (this constitutes a great advantage): few people will argue about the need to insulate buildings well. So, the market exists, the need is easily recognized – now, the sales policy should be to motivate customers to get the insulation FROM YOUR COMPANY WITH NO DELAY. The most effective way is by propaganda and advertising, in the media and by direct mail, as well as by special promotions, with the emphasis being – get in touch with the office, get an appointment, etc. Telephone soliciting, in comparison, turns out to be more expensive because it is much less effective. When potential customers dislike the approach, this turns them off the product for sale … or they will go to the “better established business”, the one that can afford a better way of promoting its product.


Recommendations to …………

I advise your firm to start an intensive campaign in the media in order to generate a public opinion geared to favor quality and experience above cost consideration. Everything mentioned in your response to the editorial “Phone users ring (...) bell” (The Citizen) is of enough importance to be exposed to consumers in a direct way. The ads should make the users think with your company, following a complete explanation on your policy regarding the sale of phone instruments and the reasons behind the company rates. Considering that the general public does not realize the importance of not missing the section “readers views”, the message had only a limited audience, due to the particular scope of columns like “letters to the editor.”

Suggestions for the ads:

We must protect the many millions of dollars worth of sensitive switching equipment that can be jeopardized by incompatible telephone instruments.

If you know what high quality service is all about, you are our customer all the way. Don’t forget this is your business too. If we lose, you also lose, We at ....know communications is a very serious matter. That’s why we cannot compromise.

The most interesting paragraph in your letter has the potential of making people, provided they are aware of the daily implications, to choose your firm over competitors which offer just a product and no services. (I am referring to: “The rates for optional services, such as extension telephones, decorator or novel-type sets, and other auxiliary equipment, are set at levels sufficiently high as to reflect their premium value to the user.

Most of these provided services make revenue contributions over and above their costs, thereby helping to keep basic exchange rates at relatively low levels. The company believes that uncontrolled connection of customer-provided equipment could result in a loss of revenues that are required to support basic service rates.”)

At the same time, to be effective and successful, means to be realistic, accepting the fact that your firm now faces competition, though limited to the sale of phone sets. Inspectors will have the task to enforce the company regulations …. While the day doesn’t come when the law will interfere to enforce otherwise.

Looking ahead, I would say that your firm’s best policy should be to concentrate on getting the maximum revenue from the basic services. I firmly believe there is a new market out there, i.e., the public to be led to use the telephone even more.

Why the once a year Mother’s Day record in number of long distance phone calls? Why not encourage people to do the same on: Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Easter, Father’s Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year – through a careful devise promotion?

Another campaign would emphasize “the gift of a phone call” …. on birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, special occasions. There is no shortage of themes.

“Make your get-well wishes really special. Use your telephone, still one of the best values, even to the most far-away places.”

“Yes, you can afford to take your time when you are phoning long distance. Just think about all the money and time you are saving.”

“Are you sure you really have to make so many business trips? Long distance phone calls are a bargain … in cost and time.”

“When you are away from home, show your family you care. Phone frequently.”

“Show you really care. Give that long distance call to someone you know is waiting and hoping for. You’ll be glad you did.”

“A message of love. Not tomorrow …… Today. Give it now. Use your phone.”

“Many big contracts were arranged through a long distance phone call.Didn’t you try yet? Our company puts you right there, really fast,
where the action is …. “

"A high quality service at the lowest possible cost to our customers.”

“Linking millions of Canadians…. and Canada to the world. "

Considering the new “phone shops” and catalog sales of telephone instruments, another idea to attract customers would be to work on enhance phone centers in such a way that they will offer much more than a variety of sets and the repair service. In my opinion, the name “phone center” is very good – appealing, easy to remember, something bound to catch on (and to cash on too ….) . Maybe it would be worthy to study the possibility of a mini-public affairs office, with the added feature of “free consultations on communications matters” to business and individuals who go to the phone center.


Recommendations To the Religious Education Committee - Parish

Unless the Religious Education Coordinator you are looking for will have a Communications solid knowledge, he/she will certainly require a part-time consultant/advisor on the matter. Getting the expertise and special skills of a professional communicator will assure the effectiveness of any kind of Catechetical-Theological Program, so your Parish objectives will be fully met.

We must not forget that when we neglect to communicate a message in the best effective way, the message/idea may be lost or misunderstood, or will have little impact/response.

Since your approach to Religious Education shows the importance your Parish is giving to the subject, and considering the serious commitment implied on such a great effort to hire a full-time coordinator, I believe you would not like to neglect the very basic communication aspects.

Theresa Catharina de Góes Campos
Ottawa- Ontario, Canada ( 1979 )

Jornalismo com ética e solidariedade.