Theresa Catharina de Góes Campos




An everyday challenge,
the best purpose in life:
to say loving words !

Hateful words, though terribly damaging,
are never perfect and have no use!
They are like poison. Do not sink
in muddy waters, hurry to find peaceful,
clean, beautiful rivers.
They make a difference.

Why, to speak mud?If one does not know
how to say loving words, there is no excuse
for not rushing to learn about loving. Hurry
to learn, do not leave to the next day.
Save yourself! It is never pleasant to stay
beside people who do not say
loving words. They make a big difference.

As everyone knows, all terrorists
speak the same language: hate.
To recognize them, hate, which
identifies them as a common trait.

Peaceful people are much different:
no weapons other than loving words,
attitudes and gestures of friendship.
Peace works a way to solve conflicts.
Hate kills. Hater shoots. Hate means
the opposite of life, while love always
means a full, true life - a gift to protect.

Theresa Catharina de Góes Campos
Brasília - DF, July 25, 2015

From: Elizabeth Barros
Date: 2015-07-29

Tia, muito interessante e bem escrito, beijos de sua sobrinha, Elizabeth


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