Theresa Catharina de Góes Campos

O melhor guia de privacidade on-line para jornalistas

The Ultimate Online Privacy Guide for Journalists
consider sharing this guide, written by a journalist to his global colleagues. The guide is intended to help journalists protect
their work and fulfill their mission.

As a journalist in 2020, the dangers you face are ever-increasing. Without the proper protection from online threats, you risk hackers stealing confidential information, exposing your sources, breaking anonymity, and getting hold of your unpublished stories. You’d be a prime victim for blackmail — or worse. (...)


Your online security is only as strong as those in your circle of communication.
Lazy Security Costs Journalists — Protect Yourself Now

Every journalist needs to protect themselves online with strong security tools — from hackers, state-sponsored operatives, and others who actively work to prevent damning stories from being published.
Make sure you keep yourself, your colleagues, and your sources safe. By following these 12 steps to staying private online, you can keep your stories and investigative pieces secure until they’re ready to be published.


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